20% off your first Farm-Share Subscription delivery :  New Subscribers We will provide a 20% credit with the delivery of your first share.

 Farm-Shares have No Long term commitment. The Farm-Share can be modified, paused or cancelled at any time.  

For Cooks who like a selection of meat cuts handy throughout the month, without requiring a large amount of freezer space, the Farm-Share is an awesome solution.

The Farm-Share is a box containing retail packaged cuts of our pasture raised, 100% Grass Finished Beef and/or non-GMO Forest Raised Pork and (optional) Pasture raised non-GMO Eggs.  

Share Sizes and Contents 

Shares include a customizable mix of beef and/or pork cuts in proportion to how they come off the animal. There is variability through the year, and some months may have more or less, but the average share will contain roughly 60% beef, 40% pork.

Share Sizes:

  • Half (6lbs) - Couples with moderate meat consumption.
  • Full (12Lbs) - Small Families
  • Family (18Lbs) - Larger Families

A Beef & Pork Full Share (12Lbs) would typically contain:

  • 4 Lbs of Chops & Bacon (Tenderloin, Ribeye, NY Strip, Sirloin & Pork Chop)
  • 4 of Sausage & Ribs.
  • 4 Lbs of Ground Beef or Roasts

Our bacons are natural cured, containing only:  salt, brown sugar and celery juice powder

If you have specific cuts of beef or pork you love (or want us to avoid), we are happy to help customize your bundle just leave us email us with your request to:

Call John @ 859 428 7030 if you have questions

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