Animals, when managed properly, become critical component of restoring a healthy, diverse ecosystem. We depend on cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens to regenerate our warm and cool season pastures and hillside forests.  They provide nourishing meats for our family and farm-share customers.  We enjoy the companionship of our animals and make sure they get to live naturally as they were intended to do.



We are proud to produce our beyond organic grass-fed beef from our own herd of beautiful cows. We raise a mix of SouthPoll and Angus breeds to produce animals that thrive on our farm’s forage, stay healthy, and get fat on grass.  We do NOT feed grain, or use antibiotics, commercial wormers or hormones.  Antibiotics are only used in rare situations where required for animal welfare.  Many of our calves are born and raised on our farm and they all spend their days outside enjoying our incredibly diverse pastures and shade dappled savannas.  Our land provides the food and medicine they need to thrive. Our beef is thus incredibly flavorful, healthy, and nutritious. We value the use of low-stress stock handling techniques and do our best to ensure our animals all live healthy and happy lives.



Each year we raise a few litters of heritage and conventional breed hogs.  Our Pigs are purchased already weaned from local farms.  We start them out on Pasture and NON GMO feed and then transition them to living in the Forest. We rotate our pigs weekly through Woodland and Pasture paddocks using temporary electric fenciing.  The pigs have diets just like pigs are meant to! Lots of grass, clover, acorns, hickory nuts, grubs, and dirt. They always have plenty of food, water, shelter, and ponds to wallow in!  If you ever come and visit, you’ll see why they’re so happy. They eat nutritious food and get to play and nap with their friends all day. We love these guys!

We feed a ration of local, non-GMO grains, and of course we never use antibiotics, commercial wormers.  Per our standard we will only use antibiotics in life saving situations.



Each year we raise a new batch of laying hens, alternating between Red and Black Hens to differentiate the age of the hens.   Our hens have outdoor access every day.  Their pasture is protected during the day by electric net fencing and they roost at night in their mobile coop.  We rotate our chickens on the same pastures as the cows.  Their scratching and pecking help to reduce the pests and larvae, helping to keep the cows happy.   Hens enjoy a mixed diet of bugs, worms, as well as grasses and clovers.  They always have plenty of food, water, and shelter.

Our hens are very social and curious.  They love to come by and check out everything going on near their  pasture.  If you ever come and visit, you’ll see why they’re so happy all the time.

We feed a ration of local, non-GMO, grain, and of course we never use antibiotics unless medically necessary as a life saving measure.