Pork Share

From Spring thru late Fall, we raise our hogs outside on rotating pasture and woodland to minimize soil disturbance.   We are blessed with a forest over-story of red and white Oak, Hickory and Hack-berry trees, which provide lots of acorns, and nuts for the pigs to use as forage.  At the forest edge, the hogs graze on grasses and clovers.  Our pigs are supplemented with only Non GMO feed.

The pigs enjoy rooting, sleeping, wallowing and cavorting and are a joy to watch.  We love raising our animals in a humane, ethical and joyful way which allows a pig to be a pig as it grows and matures. 

Virtually all pork sold in grocery stores come from animals who spend their entire lives indoors,in cages, from birth to maturity.  We follow a completely different model.   Pork that you can feel good about eating!